Dott was created by a group of pet lovers to help you locate your pets if they ever get lost. It creates a virtual leash, if they get lost, our community will help you find them.

Current Identity


Dott needs a complete update to their identity, their trademark is unmemorable and unclear while establishing little to no brand presence. Their mobile app, crucial to the recovery of lost pets, is not user friendly or attractive.


Dott provides you with a community which aids in the capture of your lost pet! This feature is hinted at by the arrangement of pins in a close knit circle. The identity is bright, welcoming  and natural to emulate the essence of our furry companions.




of all households in the US have a dog, 30-37% have a cat.


Less than 2%

of cats in the Unites States are returned to their owners.


7.6 million

companion animals enter shelters nationwide every year.


77% of adults

in the United States currently own a smartphone.

(Pew Research Center)

70 million

stray cats are estimated to live in the United States alone.


18% of dogs

in the United States are returned to their owners.



Lisa & Maggie | Cat Owner

Lisa and her daughter Maggie just rescued a tabby cat. Their cat Marty loves to roam outside and cries until he is let out. In the two months they’ve had him, he has gone missing on two separate occasions for weeks. Maggie can’t bare to think of Marty getting lost so to ease her daughter's mind Lisa is looking for a smart tag to keep track of Marty’s adventures. 

Jerold | Dog Owner

Jerold has become a widower and his faithful dog Sandy was their lovable companion. Sandy keeps the house feeling less empty and Jerold couldn’t think of loosing her. While Sandy loves Jerold, she is an accomplished escape artist. She has been unable to shake the habit of squeezing through fence boards and Jerold can’t afford to fix up the perimeter. 

Nia & Craig | Dog Owner

Nia and Craig are newlyweds and Craig used their new pup Louie to propose. Louie has no history of escape but Nia and Craig don’t want to take any risks. Louie’s disappearance would be a bad omen for the two lovebirds so Craig wants to invest in some form of tracking to keep their new pup safe.




7 people were asked which option they preferred A or B.


By simply downloading the Dott app, your phone becomes an extra set of eyes and ears to help other pet owners locate their lost pets. The Dott smart tag pairs with the app and creates a virtual leash to keep track of your pets. If your pet ever breaks its virtual leash, you will be notified immediately.