Reap + Sow


Agency: Reap + Sow | Role: Lead Designer

A full-service digital marketing firm with over 10 years experience, located in Houston, Texas. They are founded on simple yet powerful principles; when you plant a seed and cultivate it, it will begin to thrive.


While Reap + Sow's logo felt sophisticated, the trademark did not relay the fun quirky character of the owners who ran it. Their website needed to incorporate more branding elements and client work to better showcase their capabilities as a digital marketing agency.


To indicate playfulness, a more conceptual logo was used. An image of a sprouting seed was manipulated to look reminiscent of a lightbulb to implicitly state, "this is where ideas take root". The plus sign was kept for brand recognition and serves as a nod to the past. The theme of growth is utilized throughout the new site in the form of vine motifs.



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