Nebia is an eco-friendly shower that atomizes water into millions of tiny droplets creating more surface area than a regular shower. Nebia claims to maintain a spa-like experience while being environmentally conscientious.



Nebia’s current branding is somewhat non-existent. Their logo is clean and utilizes form nicely but is also not very conceptual. Nebia’s main challenge is overcoming preconceived ideas that an eco-friendly shower means sacrificing comfort for economy.


This rebrand will demonstrate energy and the atomization of water through repetition of form. Nebia suggests that it is an experience unlike any other. To fully embody experience, Nebia needs to be user-friendly and give users direct feedback on how much they are saving on water and energy. An app is necessary to do just that.



99.7% of water

on earth is inaccessible located in our oceans, ice caps, soil and atmosphere.


Flow rate

is the biggest concern when deciding whether to switch to an eco-friendly shower head.

(Evolve Technologies)

7.13 billion

people rely on less than 1% of the planet's available water to fuel and feed themselves.

(National Geographic)

1.2 trillion

gallons of water is utilized each year on showers alone in the United States.


17% of energy

used in American homes is attributed directly towards water heating itself.

(Department of Energy)

8.2 minutes

on average is spent in the shower, not including heating time. At 2.1 GPM showers use at least 18 gallons of water.




Jamie can see the importance of water conservation and in most areas he is pretty green however when it comes to his shower/bath he doesn't want to sacrifice comfort for what he considers a marginal impact. He does his best thinking in the shower and any kind of replacement showerhead must compensate for the reduction in water pressure. He needs to see the results of switching showerheads and not just trust that water is being saved. 

Kristen & Dustin

Kristen and Dustin are married and have been very competitive with each other from the start. They are not too concerned about their environmental impact but they are interested in making cuts anywhere to save money. They often compete with each other to meet certain goals and are now using competition as a means to out save each other around the house.


Lynn is very conscious of her impact on the environment but she finds it hard to monitor the impact of her daily activities on the world. She has tried a couple of smart showers before but the water pressure has been so weak it has required her to take longer showers and she wonders how much is really being saved. Lynn wants to see exactly how much water is or isn't being wasted so she can adjust her behavior to meet a suitable goal.